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Normalize Audio Volume Levels in your MP4 Videos with MP4Gain

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Mac users please see my Mac specific article HERE.

I have been saving episodes of the Discovery Channel show “How It’s Made” for years. Recently I compiled and organized them into an archive on my WDTV Live Hub, and I found that as I have used several different devices to record the episodes over the years, the audio volume levels range from barely audible to deafening. I needed a way to make the audio volume level of all of my mp4 video files the same. This process is called “Normalizing”.

A Google search returned only one batch MP4 volume normalizer of note, MP4Gain. The author offers a trial version, which I downloaded and installed. This is what the main window looks like.

mp4gain video normalizer main windowThe program is VERY easy to use. For straight out “Normalizing” all you need to do is simply add your video files and press “Normalize”. In my case, I wanted to adjust the bit rates of the audio and do a little re-equalizing.

MP4Gain Graphic EqualizerThe program includes a level meter with fall-offs, so you can play your file and have a visual representation of the sound levels. The functionality is bit raw at the moment, but I’m sure in future versions this will be refined, and hopefully you will be able to adjust the fall-off times to make them stay at the peaks a little longer, as they seem to drop off a little to quickly.

MP4Gain Video Normalizer

Once I set my EQ levels and bit rates, I pressed “Normalize” and away it went!

MP4Gain ProgressMP4Gain processes the files very quickly, and once it is complete, all your video files are the same volume! Its VERY cool!

You can download the trial version of MP4Gain HERE. The trial is fully functional and allows you to process about 15-20 files before asking you to buy a license.

In summary, this program is great, and I’m hoping that future versions polish up a few minor issues, like a missing vertical scroll bar (program is difficult to use on a small screen as the Normalize button is right down the bottom, and off the screen), and the jerky level meter. The major killer of this program is the price. At $40, it is pretty expensive (In My Humble Opinion). If it was somewhere in the $15 – $20 range it would definitely be hard to pass up.

It is able to normalize volume levels in the following video file types:

  • mp4, flv, avi
  • mpeg, mpg
  • 3gp, wmv

MP4Gain can also normalize your audio music files. It can also normalize MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3, FLAC, OGG, WAV and M4A files to!

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Posted by Greg - April 21, 2013 at 12:16 pm

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Convert 2D video to 3D using frame delay in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Posted by Greg - April 12, 2013 at 9:12 am

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Move and Insert Cursor anywhere in text on iPhone and iPad

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Have you ever typed out a bunch of words on your iPhone and wanted to go back and delete, change or insert something? There is an easy way to do it.


Just put your finger on the word or place you want to change, and leave/hold it there for a second or so, and a little magnifying glass will pop up. Without taking your finger off the screen, just move your finger left, right, up or down, and you will see the cursor inside the magnifying glass moving around the text. Just move the cursor to the place you need it to be, take your finger off the screen, the magnifying glass disappears and your cursor is right where you need it to be to make your changes.

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Posted by Greg - April 10, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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Easily view your 3D MPO Photographs Instantly on your Mac with ShowMe3D

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showme3d-iconIf you have a camera capable of taking 3D photographs, and a Apple Computer, I have just found the simplest, quickest, easiest way to view your photos, It’s called ShowMe3D. Ever since I got my 3D camera I have been longing for a way to just unload my pics, and view them in 3D straight away, without having to jump through a million hoops, and this is it!

Open up App Store on your Mac and search for ShowMe3D, or click this link to Download ShowMe3D from the Mac App Store. It’s not free, but at just $4.99, it really is a bargain.

Once you have downloaded and installed ShowMe3D, open it up and you will see the main screen.

Showme3d ScreenNow, open the folder that contains the .mpo files (Multiple Picture Object) from your camera, and drag the pics you want to view onto the open window and put on your 3D glasses.

showme3d-loadedInstantly, you can view your 3D photos in 3D, and scroll through them in the same way you would using the “Preview” app. A feature of this program that I really like, is it also allows you to Export your .mpo files as Anaglyph Jpegs, so you can quickly and easily convert your .mpo’s to regular jpegs – cool huh!

Show Me 3D Save FeatureHere’s a Anaglyph 3D Jpeg I converted from an .mpo file using ShowMe3D – It’s my dog Benson.

Benson 3D

And if you are interested in playing around with an .mpo file, here is the original 3D image straight off my Sony Bloggie 3D Camera.


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Posted by Greg - April 10, 2013 at 2:21 pm

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