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3 ways to save battery power in iOS7 on your iPhone that REALLY work!

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iphone-battery-iconiOS 7 on the iPhone is really great, but it can drain your battery fairly quick. I have identified 3 ways to save power that REALLY work!

To get started, drag from the bottom of your iphone screen upwards.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-001This will reveal the Control Center.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-000In control center, the first trick to saving power is to turn off any transmitters you are not using. For example, BlueTooth or Wifi. If you use Wifi at work, but not at home, turn Wifi off at home to save power.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-002The next power saving tip is to turn down your screen brightness. The lower the better for battery life.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-003The BIGGEST drain on your iphones battery in my opinion is apps that are running in the background, that you are not using. When most of us finish using an app we press the home button to close out of it, but it is still actually running in the background. You need to “Terminate” the app out of your iphones memory for it to be completely closed. To do this, double click your home button, and see everything that is still open, running and in memory on your phone… prepared, there’s probably going to be a lot.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-005To terminate apps out of your phones memory, slide/push their preview windows to the top of your screen.

ios7-iphone-power-save-tip-006Once you have closed all of the apps your are not using right now, it’s time to get into the habit of closing all of your open apps using this method a few times a day. Before using this method, I would be looking for my charger by 3-4pm. Now that I terminate running apps through the day, I still have around 50% power left in my phone when I get home around 5-6pm.


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Posted by Greg - October 16, 2013 at 10:02 am

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Easy Fix or Work Around for iMessage bug problem on iPhone running IOS7

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iMessage iconSince updating to iOS 7, a lot of iPhone users are finding that iMessage does not send their messages. It looks like it is sending, but stops or freezes at last minute. I have discovered a work around, I am not sure if it is a “Fix” but I have had good results using this method, and have tried on on some friends phones with success as well. I hope it works for you!

Firstly, go into iMessage on your iPhone.

imessage-fix-001Clear off ALL messages and threads by swiping to the left on each conversation to make the “delete” option appear.

imessage-fix-002and then press delete.

imessage-fix-003Now go into settings.

imessage-fix-004Then select “Messages”

imessage-fix-005Turn “iMessage” option OFF

imessage-fix-006Now turn your phone off by pressing and holding the power button on the top right edge, and then swipe across the red “Slide To Power Off” message on your screen.

imessage-fix-007Once your phone has completely powered off, you can press the power button again to restart it. Once your phone has booted up again, select “Settings”

imessage-fix-004Go back into Messages

imessage-fix-005Turn on the “iMessage” option and you will see your phone re-activating and syncing with the iMessage server.

imessage-fix-009When it has finished, it you should see confirmation that you can now use iMessage.

imessage-fix-010Now, Hopefully, you should be back in business.

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Posted by Greg - October 15, 2013 at 10:57 pm

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