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How to fix a 2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb etc USB Flash Drive Key that only shows 200mb in size and space for FREE

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USB Flash Drive KeyHave you ever had a large USB drive that only shows 200mb when you plug it into your Windows computer? Frustrating isn’t it!

Fix USB 1And what makes it worse is that nothing you try in the “Format” utility will change it – it always says 200mb in the capacity drop down.

Fix USB 3The reason this happens is that in some stage in the USB Drive’s life it has been plugged into a Mac, and it has done “Mac Things” to the drive. Thankfully, there is an easy way to fix it.


Your savior program is called Rufus – Check it out and download it for FREE HERE. Rufus is a piece of software that looks pretty similar to the Format Utility in Windows, but adds a considerable amount more functionality. It is really great for creating boot drives as well. Once downloaded and installed, open it up and you will see that it recognizes your USB Drives full size!

USB Drive 4To get your USB Drive back, Select NTFS from the File System option, and be sure to Uncheck the “Create a bootable disk using ISO Image” option.

USB Drive 5Now press start, and you will be given a last chance to back out, which is advisable if there is data on the drive you want to keep. Remember, ALL data on your USB Drive will be destroyed if you proceed!

USB Drive 6Click OK to proceed, and Rufus will start its work.

USB Drive 7Once it has completed, it will simply say “READY” in the task/activity window. You can then close out of Rufus.

USB Drive 8You USB Drive has now been reset back to original size. You can now use it as normal.

Dont worry to much about the two files Rufus leaves on your USB Drive, it is just an icon image and the script to make the icon load. It is safe to leave them, or delete them if you prefer.

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