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Make and print a Directory Listing or Index of all files in a folder in Mac OS X

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Directory ListingLately I have been backing up a lot of files to DVD for archiving. I was looking for a quick easy way to print out a list of all of the files on each disk that I could slip into the jewel case as well, so I know what is on it at a glance.

The simplest solution I could find was to open the folder in the finder, select all with command A, then command C to copy. Now that all of the files are in memory, open TextEdit and create a new text file. To paste in a “Listing” of the file names only, press command-option-shift and then V. You can now save and/or print if required.

This method works well so long as all of the files are in the same folder. If you want to print out a listing from a folder that has sub-folders, you will only get the sub-folders names, it will not display the names of the files in the sub-folders.

Do you know of a better method? Is there a program you know of that will do this better?

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Posted by Greg - July 4, 2012 at 9:11 am

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