How to run a USB Mic through an External Audio Mixer

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USB MIc IconI have been reading on forums lately how some people would like to be able to run their USB Mic through their external hardware mixing desks, and it is relatively easy to do.

Below is a diagram on how to run your wiring between the devices.


Plug your USB Mic into a USB Slot, run an appropriate lead from the Line Out/Headphone Out of your computer into a stereo input channel on your mixer. If your mixer has only mono channels, use channel one for your left, and channel 2 for your right. Next, run wires from the Main Output of the mixer to your Line in/Mic In on your computer, and the physical part is done.

Next, open up Voicemeeter (If you don’t have Voicemeeter you can download it free at and select your USB Mic as the device for channel 1. Make sure “A” is selected/highlighted and “B” is not selected.

step 1Then, select your Line Out/Headphone Out jack as the device for Voicemeeters Main Output, “A1”.

Step 2Now it is time to select your Line In/Mic in as the device for Channel 2. Make sure that “A” is not selected, and “B” is selected.

Step 3All that is left is to open up the app you want to use (eg – Skype, Vidblaster, or some other Web Cam program) and select Voicemeeter’s Virtual Device (Output “B” in Voicemeeter) as the input source audio device.

Skype InVoicemeeter can be downloaded FREE HERE at Don’t forget to make a donation – the programmer deserves a little something for a program this good!